About Mike

Mike Brown is a photographic artist living and working in West Cork, Ireland.
Mike has been making images for over 25 years. Having begun his career in the era of film, he progressed like most photographers to digital capture during the 2000's. Over the last few years, Mike has returned to the darkroom and now makes most of his Fine Art images using a variety of traditional and vintage techniques.

Mike's preference is to make "Tintypes" using the 1850's method of wet plate collodion but he also makes traditional black and white prints and creates images in Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown.

He does still use digital capture for some of his work - mainly outdoor nudes in the landscape - and offers these as Limited Edition prints in very small editions for the discerning collector.

All of the work on this website is available to purchase unless marked otherwise. Please contact Mike at for purchase info.

Mike is a partner at Platform3 studio and darkroom in Cork city, Ireland, where he runs Workshops and provides Tuition in a multitude of photographic subjects.